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Julian-Schnabel-Podgorny Robinson

Born in 1951 in New York, USA.

Lives and works in New York, Montauk, USA, and San Sebastian, Spain.


Julian Schnabe is one of the most seminal and virtuosic artists working today.  His multidisciplinary practice extends beyond painting to include sculpture, film, architecture and furniture. He is an award winning movie director but primarily a painter. His use of preexisting materials not traditionally used in art making, varied painting surfaces and inventive modes of construction were pivotal in the reemergence of painting in the United States in the late 1970’s and the rest of the world. In 1978, he began to make Plate Paintings, imagic works with sculptural surfaces produced by layering shards of broken dishes with thick applications of auto body putty, dental plaster and oil paint on wooden structures. His unorthodox, highly experimental approach to use of materials, gestures and form and large scale and shaped paintings have blurred the distinction between abstraction and figuration, making the battle between the two obsolete. Throughout his practice, he sustained the use of objet trouvé and chance-based processes, transforming painting and opening the door for new generations of young painters today.

Works Available:

Julian Schnabel Podgorny Robinson Gallery


1969 - 1972

Bachelor of Fine Arts. at the University of Houston, USA

1973 - 1974

Attended the Whitney Museum’s Independent Study program for young artists, New York, USA




Julian Schnabel. Victory, The Pace Gallery, Palm Beach, USA 


Julian Schnabel. The Sad Lament of the Brave, Let the Wind Speak and Other Paintings, New York, The Pace Gallery, USA

Julian Schnabel. The Patch of Blue the Prisoner Calls the Sky, The Pace Gallery, New York, USA


Orsay vu par Julian Schnabel, Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France

Polaroids, OstLicht Gallery, Vienna, Austria

Aktion Paintings 1985-2017, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Aarhus, Denmark

The re-use of 2017 by 2018. The re-use of Christmas, birthdays. The re-use of a joke. The re-use of air and water, Pace Gallery, London, UK

Symbols of Actual Life, Legion of Honor, San Francisco, USA


Re-Reading, Almine Rech Gallery, New York, USA

Julian Schnabel. New plate paintings, The Pace Gallery, New York, USA

Paintings That I Hope Philip and David Would Like, The Glass House, New Canaan, USA 

Hall Art Foundation, Schloss Derneburg, Germany 


Infinity on Trial, Blum & Poe, Los Angeles, USA

6 Rose Paintings, Vito Schnabel Gallery, St. Moritz, Switzerland

Plate Paintings 1978–1986, Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, USA

Palimpsest Printed Works, 1983-2016, Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, Germany


Jack Climbed Up the Beanstalk to the Sky of Illimitableness Where Everything Went Backwards, Almine Rech Gallery, Paris, France

Julian Schnabel, University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor, USA


Julian Schnabel: LA NIL – Pinturas 1988–2014, Museu de Arte de São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand, São Paulo, Brazil

The Dizziness of Freedom, Galeria Raquel Arnaud, São Paulo, Brazil

Julian Schanbel: View of the Dawn in the Tropics: Paintings, 1989–1990, Gagosian Gallery, New York, USA

An Artist Has A Past (Puffy Clouds and Strong Cocktails): 15 Paintings Over The Last Decade, Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, USA

Julian Schnabel: Every Angel has a Dark Side, Dairy Art Centre, London, UK

Julian Schanbel: Flag Painting Karma, New York, USA 


Julian Schnabel, Centro Italiano Arte Contemporanea, Foligno, Italy

The Brant Foundation, Connecticut, USA 


Julian Schnabel, Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin, Germany

Guy Pieters Gallery, Knokke-Heist, Belgium


Julian Schnabel: Polaroïds, 18Gallery at Bund18, Shanghai, China

Julian Schnabel: Polaroïds, Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris, France

Julian Schnabel, Forma, Centro Internazionale di Fotografia, Milan, Italy

Julian Schnabel: Permanently Becoming and the Architecture of Seeing, Museo Correr, Venice, Italy

Julian Schnabel: Polaroids, Fotomuseum Den Haag, The Hague, Netherlands


Julian Schnabel, Colnaghi, London, USA

Julian Schnabel, Nikola Rukaj Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Julian Schnabel: Art and Film, Art Gallery of Ontario’s Vivian & David Cambell Centre of Contemporary Art, Toronto, Canada

Julian Schnabel: Polaroids, Bernheimer Fine Art Photography, Munich, Germany

Julian Schnabel: Polaroids, NRW-Forum Kultur und Wirtschaft, Dusseldorf, German


Julian Schnabel, Museo di Capodimonte, Naples, Italy

Navigation Drawings, Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland


The Conscious Gaze of Frightened Young Nuns, Contemporary Art Museum Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland

Julian Schnabel: Untitled (Chinese Paintings), The Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

Julian Schnabel, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, South Korea

Julian Schnabel, Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills, USA

Julian Schnabel, Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Navigation Drawings, Sperone Westwater Gallery, New York, USA


Schnabel in Hong Kong, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong

Schnabel in Beijing, Beijing World Art Museum, Beijing, China

Summer, Tabacalera - International Contemporary Culture Center, San Sebastián, Spain

Julian Schnabel: Paintings 1968-2006, Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italy

Julian Schnabel: Paintings 1978-2006, Museo Nazionale del Palazzo di Venezia, Rome, Italy

Julian Schnabel: Versions of Chuck and Other Works, Schloss Derneburg, Derneburg, Germany

Julian Schnabel: Paintings 1976-2006, Palazzo Venezia, Rome, Italy


Julian Schnabel, Galeria Enrique Guerrero, Mexico City, Mexico

MetLife Building, New York, USA


Julian Schnabel - opere grafiche, LipanjePuntin Artecontemporanea, Trieste, Italy


Julian Schnabel - Sculpture, L&M Arts, New York, USA


Julian Schnabel, Galleria Cardi, Milan, Italy


Galerie Forsblom, Helsinky

Galeria Ramis Barquet, Mexico City, Mexico

1998 - 1999

Pace Wildenstain, Los Angeles, USA

Guid Hall, East Hampton, USA

South London Gallery, London, UK

1000 eventi, Milan, Italy

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Salzburg, Austria

1996 - 1997

The Conversion of Saint-Paul Malfi, Pace Wildenstein, New York, USA

Sperone Westwater, New York, USA

Waddington Gallery, London, UK

Bruno Bishofberger Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

Modern Art Gallery, Bologna, Italy


Joan Miro Foundation, Barcelona, Spain

Ramis Barquet Gallery, Mexico

The Conversion of Saint-Paul Malfi, the pink blouse I like the most and other pink paintings, Jablonka Gallery, Cologne

1993 - 1994

Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, USA

Jason Rubell Gallery, New York, Miami, USA

National Museum of the Art Center Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain

Gian Ferrari Arte Contemporanea, Milan, Italy

Jane Birkin Paintings, Pace Wildenstein Gallery, New York, USA

Major Retrospective of Paintings and Works on Paper from 1977 to 1993, Monterrey Museum, Monterrey, Mexico

Biennial of Sao Paulo


Mary Boone Gallery, New York, USA





In the light of spring, Podgorny Robinson Gallery, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France

Albert Oehlen | Julian Schnabel, Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin, Germany


Tom Wesellman, Keith Sonnier, Jim Dine, Julian Schnabel, Podgorny Robinson Gallery, Paris, France

Art Basel, Almine Rech Gallery, Basel, Switzerland

Art Basel, Pace Gallery, Basel, Switzerland

Art Basel Hong Kong, Blum & Poe, Hong Kong, China

In Different Ways, Almine Rech Gallery, London, UK

Julian Schnabel, série d'impressions pigmentaires & Arik Lévy, Podgorny Robinson Gallery, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France


Julian Schnabel: Portrait of Olatz, NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, USA

First Show / Last Show, 190 Bowery, New York, USA

Enigmas: Martin Barré, David Ostrowski, Julian Schnabel, Reena Spaulings, Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, USA

The Shell (Landscapes, Portraits & Shapes), Almine Rech Gallery, Paris, France

Café Dolly: Picabia, Schnabel, Willumsen, NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, USA


Urban Theater: New York Art in the 1980s, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Fort Worth, USA

Georg Baselitz, Anselm Kiefer, Harmony Korine, Robert Rauschenberg, Julian Schnabel, Rudolf Stingel, Franz West Gagosian Gallery, West 24th St., New York, USA


Signs / Words, Sperone Westwater Gallery, Lugano, Switzerland

Empire State, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, Italy

Accrochage, Contemporary Fine Arts - CFA, Berlin, Germany


Oriental Mirages, Pomegranates and Prickly Pears, Collection Lambert, Avignon, France

Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA

Group Show, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, USA

Not even for a million dollars would I paint a tree, Linn Lühn, Cologne, Germany

Artandpress, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin, Germany

Brucennial 2012 - Harder. Betterer. Fasterer. Strongerer, Brucennial, New York, USA

The Old, The New, The Different, Kunsthalle Bern, Bern, Switzerland

“GARDEN MOON” AND “MALFI.”, White8 showrooms, Villach, Austria

John Hoyland - Garden Moon - Painting, Works On Paper / Julian Schnabel - Malfi - Works On Paper, white8 gallery, Vienna, Austria

Sammlung Marx - Eine Auswahl, Muzeum Narodowe w Szczecin, Szczecin, Poland



Jean-Michel Basquiat and the Rat pack, BURKHARD EIKELMANN GALERIE, Dusseldorf, Germany

Paris Forever, 100th exhibition of the gallery, Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris, France

Die Sammlung Marx, Eine Auswahl, Atlas Sztuki, Lodz, Poland

Schlaglichter 3 - Schlaglichter 3, Museum der Stadt Ratingen, Ratingen, Germany

Alusiones ilusiones, Galería Miguel Marcos, Barcelona, Spain

Circa 1986. HVCCA, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Peekskill, USA

JORGE GALINDO / JULIAN SCHNABEL, Galería Soledad Lorenzo, Madrid, Spain

Pasiones Contemporáneas, Museo de Arte de Ponce, Ponce, Puerto Rico

From Classical To Contemporary, Galerie Miro, Prague, Czech Republic

MMK 1991-2011: 20 Jahre Gegenwart, Museum für Moderne Kunst (MMK), Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Avant Première, Art Plural Gallery Pte Ltd, Singapore, Australia

Provisional Painting, Stuart Shave / Modern Art, London, UK

The 80s Revisited, Sammlung Bischofberger II, Kunsthalle Bielefeld, Bielefeld, Germany

Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2011, Forum für Fotografie, Cologne, Germany


Apocalypse: Monumental Paintings of the 1980’s, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, USA

I Believe in Miracles - 10th anniversary of the Lambert Collection, Collection Lambert, Avignon, France


Works from the Collection of Frank K. Ribelin, McClain Gallery, Houston, USA

Schlaglichter - von Beuys bis Twombly…, Museum der Stadt Ratingen, Ratingen, Germany

Beauty is Diamond, Laleh June Gallery, Basel, Switzerland

XXL / Omar Ba, 1000 Eventi, Milan, Italy

Pastiche, The Pace Gallery, New York, USA

Your History is not Our History, Haunch of Venison, New York, USA

Quartet–Four Biennials Reflected in Prints, International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC), Ljubljana, Slovenia

Collecting Biennials, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, USA


3rd AiM International Biennale, Marrakech Biennale, Marrakech, Morocco

MOCA´s First Thirty Years, MOCA Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, USA

Paint Made Flesh, Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester, Rochester, USA

Sans—titre # 1 oeuvres de la Collection Lambert peintures des années 1970 — 1980, Collection Lambert, Avignon, France

Painting of the 80s, Matthew Bown Gallery, Berlin, Germany

El tiempo del Arte, Fundación PROA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

A Tribute To Ron Warren, Mary Boone Gallery, New York, USA

New York Contemporary, Hillsboro Fine Art, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Paint Made Flesh, The Phillips Collection, Washington D.C., USA 

Collect With Us, Armand Bartos Fine Art, New York, USA

Happy Birthday: The First Anniversary of the Gallery, Group Show, GALLERY 2, Black Cube Gallery, Sant Antoni Maria Claret, Barcelona,Spain

New Acquisitions: Rarely Seen Works, Ludwig Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

Collected Visions, Bronx Museum of the Arts (BxMA), New York, USA

Image Matter, Mary Boone Gallery, New York, USA

Paint Made Flesh, Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Nashville, USA



UBS Openings: Paintings from the 1980s, Tate Modern, London, UK

Dalla Presitoria al Futuro. Capolavori dalla collezione Bischofsberger, Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli, Turin, Italy

De Mirò à Warhol, La Collection Berardo à Paris, Musée du Luxembourg, Paris, France

NAO TE POSSO VER NEM PINTADO, Berardo Museum, Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art, Lisbon, Portugal

Pretty Ugly, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York, USA

FATTO BENE!, Centro per l´Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato, Italy

New Sculptures, Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland

Bad Painting - good art, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig - MUMOK, Vienna, Austria

OHO – What a Collection!, Contemporary Art from Pekka Halonen’s Collection - Kuopio Art Museum, Kuopio, Finland

THE OLYMP: Works on Paper, Burkhard Eikelmann Com, Dusseldorf, Germany

Le Grand Tour: Académie de France à Rome, Villa Médicis, Rome, Italy

You Dig the Tunnel, I’ll Hide the Soil, White Cube - Hoxton Square, London, UK

Doppio sogno: 2RC tra artista e artifice, Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Milan, Italy

Not For Sale, MoMA PS1, New York, USA

Lights, Camera, Action: Artists Films for the Cinema, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, USA


Ausgewählte Arbeiten aus der eigenen Sammlung, Museum der Stadt Ratingen, Ratingen, Germany

NEW ACQUISITIONS, Galerie Bruno Bischofberger, Zurich, Switzerland

Radical NY! The Downtown show: the New York art scene, 1974-1984 and abstract expresionism: 1940-1960, The Contemporary Austin, Austin, USA

DEFINING THE CONTEMPORARY, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, UK

CORRISPONDENZE, Centro per l´Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato, Italy

Druckgrafik, Raab Galerie, Berlin, Germany

Sunscreen 2006, Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art, Calgary, Canada

Eldorado, MUDAM - Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Sedução Cinema e Pintura, Sintra Museu de Arte Moderna, Sintra, Portugal

Summer Stock, Russell Bowman Art Advisory, Chicago, USA

Recent Acquisitions: Part I, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art - SMoCA, Scottsdale, USA

The Downtown Show: The New York Art Scene, 1974–1984, The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburg, USA

Chairs, Galerie Bruno Bischofberger, Zurich, Switzerland

Sound & Vision, Museo della Città, Perugia, Italy

Im Kabinett: Frühling!, Raab Galerie, Berlin, Germany

Presses, Pop, and Pomade: American Prints Since the Sixties, The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY

The Downtown Show: The New York Art Scene, 1974–1984, Grey Art Gallery, New York City University, New York, USA


Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston




At Eternity's Gate




The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Lou Reed's Berlin


Before Night Falls



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