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ARIK LEVY / Saint Paul de Vence / Podgorny Robinson

Born in 1963 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Lives and works in Paris and Saint-Paul-de-Vence.

"Creation is an uncontrolled muscle" according to Arik Levy (born 1963). 

Artist, technician, photographer, designer, video artist, Levy's skills are multi–disciplinary and his work can be seen in prestigious galleries and museums worldwide. Best known publicly for his sculptures – such as his signature Rock pieces –, his installations, limited editions and design, Levy nevertheless feels "The world is about people, not objects." 

Hailing originally from Israel and moving to Europe after his first participation in a group sculpture exhibition in Tel–Aviv in 1988, Levy currently works in his studio in Paris. 

His formation was unconventional where surfing, as well as his art and graphic design studio, took up much of his time back home. Following studies at the Art Center Europe in Switzerland he gained a distinction in Industrial Design in 1991. 

After a stint in Japan where he consolidated his ideas producing products and pieces for exhibitions, Levy returned to Europe where he contributed his artistry to another field – contemporary dance and opera by way of set design. 

The creation of his firm then meant a foray back to his first love, art and industrial design, as well as other branches of his talents. Respected for his furniture and light designs on all continents, Levy also creates hi–tech clothing lines and accessories for firms in the Far East. 

Considering himself now more of a "feeling" artist, Arik Levy continues to contribute substantially to our interior and exterior space, his work including public sculpture, as well as complete environments that can be adapted for multi use. "Life is a system of signs and symbols," he says, "where nothing is quite as it seems." 

Permanent installation:

Works available
Works available : 




Art Center Europe, Switzerland




Musée Barbier-Mueller, Geneva, Invisible thoughts, - Duo show with Zoé Ouvrier


Galerie Scheffel, Sculpture Park, Eschborn, Germany – solo exhibition 

Podgorny Gallery, Saint Paul de Vence, France – solo exhibition

Musée Barbier-Mueller, Geneva – Arik Levy’s works and the museum’s collection 



Pilevneli at Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum, Turkey – Natural Fusion – duo exhibition with Zoé Ouvrier 

Venice Design Biennial, 3rd edition – Stick&Structures – main entrance installation at SPUMA – Space for the Arts, Venezia 

MineralForest, Galerie Scheffel, Bad Homburg, Germany



EmotionalGhosts, Podgorny Robinson Gallery, Saint Paul de Vence, France

BeyondNature, Method & Concept, Naples, USA

MineralNature, Château Sainte Roseline, Les Arcs, France

Independence, Espace Muraille, Geneva, Switzerland



Intersection of existence, Pilevneli Gallery, Istanbul,Turkey



Shift of Perception, Podgorny-Robinson Gallery, Saint-Paul de Vence, France

Unnatural History, Artis-Naples, The Baker Museum, Naples, Florida, USA



New Works, Please Do Not Enter, Los Angeles, USA

Louise Alexander Gallery, Nomad, Monaco

I Remembered It Differently, Setareh Gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany



Absent Presence, Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel



Mineral Memories, Setareh Gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany

Intimate Formations, Please Do Not Enter, Los Angeles, USA

Intuitive Reactions, Praguekabinet gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

Transparent Opacity, five-year solo installation, Crystal Worlds Museum,, Wattens, Austria

Manmade (Human) Nature, Pékin Fine Arts, Hong-Kong



Primitive Components, Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Uncontrolled Nature, Louise Alexander Gallery, Porto Cervo, Italy

New Works, Ilan Engel Gallery, Paris, France



New sculptures, Mitterrand+Cramer, Geneva, Switzerland



Nothing is Quite as It Seems, Passage de Retz, Paris, France

Experimental Growth, Bisazza Foundation, Montecchio Maggiore, Italia

Transparent Opacity, two-year solo installation, Crystal Worlds Museum, Wattens, Austria

Genetic Intimacy, Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

EmotionalDeflection, Priveekollektie, Heusden aan de Maas, Netherlands



Natural Disorder, Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Geotectonic, Mitterrand+Cramer, Geneva, Switzerland

My Name Is Arik, Priveekollektie, Heusden aan de Maas, Netherlands

Out there logging, Eighth Veil Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

Luminescence, between Fire & Ice, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, USA



Confessions, solo installation in “Préliminaires” exhibition, Slott gallery, Paris, France

Osmosis commissioned by Swarovski Crystal Palace, Ex Magazzini di Porta Genova Milano, Italia



Absent Nature, Wright20, Chicago, USA



Feel before you see, Garanti Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey



Love counts, Park Ryusook Gallery, Seoul, South Korea



Pascale Cottard-Ollsson Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden





PILEVNELI x KÖNIG, Kaplankaya, Milas, Turkey



Art Biesenthal, Germany

In small format, Galerie Scheffel, Bad Homburg, Germany

The Blazing World, Sotheby’s, London, UK



Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, Australia



Artmonte-carlo 2018, Setareh Gallery, Monaco

Podgorny Robinson Gallery at Art Paris 2018, Paris, France

In the Light of Spring, Podgorny Robinson Gallery, Saint-Paul de Vence, France

Carbon, Fox/Jensen/McRory Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand



Visual Dialogs, Podgorny Robinson Gallery, Saint Paul de Vence, France

SuperYacht Gallery at Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

Aeroplastic, Brussels, Belgium

Carbon, Jensen Gallery, Sydney, Australia



Julian Schnabel & Arik Levy, Podgorny Robinson Gallery, Saint Paul de Vence, France

Les Rencontres d’Arles, Arles, France

Podgorny Robinson Gallery, Saint Paul de Vence, France



Humble me, Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium

Alon Segev Gallery, Art15, London, UK

Louise Alexander Gallery, Art15, London, UK



Lux, Le Frenois, Tourcoing, France

Full House: 100 artists, Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium



RewindableLight art video, Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein, Germany

Nouvelle Lune, Galerie Maubert, Paris, France



Le Jardin de la Spéculation Cosmique, Galerist, Istanbul, Turkey

Osmosis Interactive, installation at Swarovski’s Digital Crystal, London Design Museum, London, UK

Art et Nature, Jardin du Hauvel, Saint-Hymer, France

Flections, Hedge Gallery, San Francisco, US

Le Sacre du Printemps, Galerie Maubert, Paris, France

Arik Levy & Guy Yanai, Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Candelabra, Stonetouch, Geneva, Switzerland



M+C, JGM. Galerie, Paris, France

Un regard d'Obsidienne, Galerie Pierre-Alain Challier, Paris, France

Post Fossil: excavating 21st century creation, Design Museum Holon, Israel

Reality Lab, 21_21 Design Sight gallery, Tokyo, Japan



13 798 grams of design, Lambretto Art Project, Milano, Italy

Post Fossil: excavating 21st century creation, 21_21 Design Sight gallery, Tokyo, Japan



Fruit & Flowers, Kenny Schachter/ROVE, London, UK

Prophets & Penitents, Confessions of a Chair, Oratorio Basilica di S. Ambrogio, Milano, Italy

Love Design, Galleria Nina Lumer, Milano, Italy



Beyond Organic: Design In the State of Nature, Design Miami, Miami, USA

Diversion, Kenny Schachter/ROVE, London, UK

Beyond Limits, Chatsworth, UK

The Artist’s Playground, Sudeley Castle, UK

Imperative Design, Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston, US

Propositions lumineuses 2, Galerie Alain Gutharc, Paris, France

Il était une fois…, Galerie NumerisCausa, Paris, France



Du Bois Dont On Se Chauffe, Passage de Retz / Mouvements modernes, Paris, France



Propositions lumineuses, Galerie Alain Gutharc, Paris, France



Brilliant, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK





Installation of RockGrowthHermitage, Moscow, Russia : monumental public sculpture commissioned to be installed in front of the future Hermitage Modern Contemporary Museum Moscow, a unique museum complex that will see the day in the Zilart District in Moscow, Russia.


Venice Design Biennial, 3rd edition – Stick&Structures – main entrance installation at SPUMA – Space for the Arts, Venezia, Italy.



Crystal Worlds Museum, Wattens – Transparent Opacity – Chamber of Wonder.

Crystal Worlds Museum, Wattens – EmotionalFormation, Chamber of Wonder n. 8 2017 version.



Blickachsen 12 (2019), Blickachsen Foundation, Bad Homburg and Frankfurt Rhine-Main, Germany. Installation of five monumental sculptures: GiantLog, Rock Tower 131, RockStoneShift 235, RockstoneFusionVertical 170, RockStoneImplosed 207.



RockTripleFusion VerticalGiant 660 and RockTripleFusionGiant 500, Taipei - permanent installation of two monumental public sculptures commissioned to be part of the residential project Da-An Park Towers by Sir Richard Rogers, in Taipei, Taiwan.

Biennale Internationale Saint-Paul de Vence 2018, France - RockStoneShift 235 installation.

Permanent installation of 6 monumental outdoor sculptures, private collection, Düsseldorf, Germany.

Shenzhen Bay Boning Garden, China - RockFormationTower 350 and a horizontal installation of 3 Rocks in bronze, permanent public installation of 4 monumental sculptures.

Naples Botanical Gardens, Naples, Florida – Unnatural History - installation of 7 monumental outdoor sculptures.



Somerset House, London (during the London Design Festival) – Mineral Gravity – installation in collaboration with COMPA

SoLocal Group Headquarters, Boulogne-Billancourt – RockGrowthCube 150 – permanent installation

Multiplex Galleria Manzoni, Milano – Kryptonite – installation for COMPAC

Palazzo Crivelli, Milano– UrbanLog – installation at Delta Light



Dice Kayek Pop-up store, Paris – pop up installation



Somerset House/The London Design Festival – Transition : Warm/Wet – installation with Tabanlioglu Architects

Atomium, Brussels – RockGrowth 808 Atomium – public space permanent installation



Atomium, Brussels – RockGrowth 808 Atomium – public space permanent installation and exhibition



Alcazar, Paris – Fractal installation and photo exhibition (Orchids and Seduction series)



Crystal Worlds Museum, Wattens – Transparent Opacity – two-year solo installation



Natural History Museum, London - installation - Regeneration : Chaton Superstructures at the Natural History Museum



Istanbul Modern, Istanbul – Log Forest installation – Dice Kayek’s Istanbul Contrast

Art Amsterdam, Amsterdam – Personality Disorder Social Codes – installation at No Holds Barred



Dialogues méditerranéens, St. Tropez – BigRock

Drugstore Publicis, Paris – MiniMaxi



Baccarat, Paris – Phantom


Passage de Retz, Paris – BigRock


Centre culturel français, Milan – République Libre du Design



Centre Pompidou, Paris – D.Day – From primitive to virtual





One Park Taipei, Taiwan – RockTripleFusion Giant 660 and RockTripleFusionGiant 550 – permanent monumental installation part of Sir Richard Rogers’ Da-An Towers residentials project - 2018

Private collection New York, USA – RockGrowth 420 - 2018

Atomium, Brussels, Belgium – RockGrowth 808 Atomium – public space permanent installation - 2014

SoLocal Group, Boulogne Billancourt – RockGrowthCube 150 - 2017

Fondazione Bisazza, Montecchio Maggiore – RockChamber + ExperimentalGrowth series – 2012

HSBC Connection Collection / Volume 1 – Rockshelves + Rocksplit – 2009




The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago – Contemporary Domestic Confessional – 2010

Museum of Arts and Design, New York – Giant Giant Mega Heliodor – 2010

Triennale Design Museum, Milan – Meteorite drawing – 2009

Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris – installation Fractal Cloud – 2006

Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul – Umbilical Light – 2005

Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris – Handshake light – 2005

Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris – Piflow light – 2005

Victoria & Albert Museum, London – Umbilical ball and Umbilical knitted lights – 2004

Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris – Xm3 duo, Light pocket, Alchemy tube lights – 2002

Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris – Double layer chair, CD shelf – 2002

FNAC, Fond national d’art contemporain, Paris – Infinite light video – 2001

Israel Museum, Jerusalem – White hole light installation – 2001

Israel Museum, Jerusalem – Need light – 2000

Museum of Modern Art, New York – Need light – 1998



Arik Levy GHOSTS – exhibition catalogue – Podgorny Robinson Gallery, Saint-Paul-de-Vence 2020

IN/DEPENDENCE – exhibition catalogue - Espace Muraille, Geneva 2020

Arik Levy / COMPAC - TECHNO POETICS – Paris 2019

Arik Levy UNNATURAL HISTORY – Paris 2017

Arik Levy FIXING NATURE – Paris 2016

Arik Levy OUT THERE, 2nd edition – Black Dog Publishing – London 2014

Arik Levy ART - Black Dog Publishing – London 2013

UNCONTROLLED NATURE – catalogue from the exhibition at Louise Alexander Gallery – Porto Cervo 2014

Arik Levy OUT THERE - 1st edition – Paris 2012

EXPERIMENTAL GROWTH – the permanent installation at Fondazione Bisazza – Montecchio Maggiore, 2012

TRANSPARENT OPACITY – permanent installation at Swarovski Kristallwelten – Wattens 2012

GENETIC INTIMACY – catalogue from the exhibition at Alon Segev Gallery – Tel Aviv 2012

Arik Levy REGENERATION – The Hennessy XO commission – Paris 2011

ABSENT NATURE – catalogue from the 2008 exhibition at Wright, Chicago – 2010

The Connection Collection Volume 1 : ARIK LEVY RockSplit & RockShelves - HSBC Private Bank - 2009

OSMOSIS - catalogue from the exhibition at Swarovski Crystal Palace – Milano 2009

COSMIC NATURE – catalogue from the exhibition at Kenny Schachter ROVE project LLP- London 2007

Arik Levy THE OTHER – Centre des arts d’Enghien-les-Bains & Isthme Editions - 2007

DU BOIS DONT ON SE CHAUFFE – catalogue from the exhibition at Passage de Retz – Paris 2006

LOVE COUNTS - catalogue from the exhibition at Park Ryusook Gallery – Seoul 2004

LIGHT LIGHT - catalogue catalogue from the exhibition at Passage de Retz – Paris 1998

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